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Seven Hollows Trail

This loop trail passes through a series of small canyons under the canopy of a dense hardwood forest. Unique features such as a natural stone arch, rock shelters, a box canyon and signs of prehistoric bluff-dwelling Native Americans add to the experience of this truly spectacular trail. (Light Blue Blazes)

Length: 4 1/2 miles
Approximate time for trail completion - 4 hours

Difficulty: Moderate

Trail Type:

Hiking Trail

For Information:
Park Superintendent, 1285 Petit Jean Mountain Road, Morrilton, AR, 72110, 501-727-5441

Trail Start
Trailhead on east side of the parking lot.

GPS Coordinates: 35.114265632578 -92.94544100761

Exit #108 off I-40 at Morrilton, nine miles south on Hwy. 9, then 12 miles west on Hwy. 154

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Trail Visitor Reviews

By Olivia on 8/25/2013

Comment: This is a really beautiful trail. The three main attractions are 'turtle' rocks, an old Native American grotto, and a natural bridge. In addition, there are an amazing amount of vistas that overlook the treetops, mountain top and canyon sections of the trail, lizards and butterflies with an eight inch wingspan. If you go in the hotter summer months, I really suggest bug spray. The climate is perfect for annoying flies and mosquitoes. The terrain can be rocky and I recommend sturdy hiking or walking shoes to keep your ankles safe. I would say, on a scale of difficulty, this hike is more appropriately ranked between moderate and difficult. As always, don't forget water!

By Reba on 7/14/2010

Comment: We visited Petit Jean over Memorial Day weekend. I had read so many neat things about Seven Hollows, I couldn't wait to hike it. We had our four children (11, 8, 5, and 3) with us; the 3 year old was in a backpack. I will admit, the first mile or so wasn't the most exciting part. I think my husband was wondering what we were doing. But then the whole surroundings started to change. We loved the variety of environments all in one hike. We saw beautiful forests, flowing creeks, The Natural Bridge, lizards, etc. The Grotto was SO neat though we almost missed it (there wasn't a sign specifically for it). The only bad part was that it started to rain when we were still about a mile and a half out. It was a beautiful trail though. Other than the length, it was not difficult for the kids at all. There were just a couple of spots that I held our five year old's hand for safety.

To ensure you enjoy your state park experience, be aware of the natural world. There are some areas which are potentially hazardous to all visitors. Since it is impractical to post signs at all danger points, use caution when approaching such areas as cliffs, caves, heavily wooded areas, swamps, streams, and lakes. Adults are responsible for children in their care. If unsure about possible hazards, check at the visitor center.

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