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Bench Trail

Begins at the overlook shelter visible in the drive up the mountain to the park. There is a narrow shelf called a bench that encircles the entire mountain. In the early 1900s, this bench featured a road. Today the bench is a trail route through a woodland that teems with large trees and wildlife. Fern Lake, remnants of historic springs, and steps that were a part of an early resort development are still visible. The trail is level in most places and offers views from the mountain, especially during seasons from late fall through early spring.

Length: 4 miles
Approximate time for trail completion - 3 hours

Difficulty: Easy

Trail Type:

Hiking Trail Horseback Riding Trail Mountain Biking Trail

For Information:
Park Superintendent, 16728 West State Highway 155, Dardanelle, AR, 72834, 479-229-3655

Trail Start

GPS Coordinates: 35.224367 -93.2491

From I-40, take Scenic. Ark. 7 south through Russellville to Dardanelle; turn right onto Ark. 22 west, then left on Ark. 155 west up the mountain.

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Trail Visitor Reviews

By Rachel Betts on 3/15/2012

Comment: We rode this trail as a family. We have a 19 yr old, 9 year old, and 3 year old. The 3 year old rode on a carrier on my bike. We started at the connection to the Bench trail at Sunset Point. It was a tough trail but enjoyable at least til the end when we were too exhausted to make the climb back up the hill to Sunset Point. There are many steep hills. We had to walk our bikes up most of them, though our 19 yr old handled them fine. It is definitely a beautiful trail. Be sure to take the steps down to Nebo Springs. A must see in my opinion. Tons of geocaches on this trail. It was a great new adventure for our family and the highlight of our trip.

By Beth on 8/29/2011

Comment: This trail is NOT a beginners trail for bike riding if you ask me. The steep hills for sure make it least for someone like me. :)

By Kevin on 5/22/2011

Comment: I rode the Bench Trail yesterday and it is a really good trail with stream/spring crossings that have been laid out nicely. It has been raining a lot lately and the trail was still surprisingly rideable. I believe that if you start at the end of the trail and run it backwards there would be a lot more downhill sections with one or two rocky hill to climbs. I wanted to ride that way this morning but ran out of time. Will definitely ride again!

By PackingBaby on 7/1/2010

Comment: Off road rugged stroller friendly. Some places are a little iffy but doable. Not for your travel system but our jeep jogger handles it.

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