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Cedar Falls Trail (National Recreation Trail)

The trail begins behind the breezeway at Mather Lodge, a majestic CCC rustic style mountain lodge, and winds down into Cedar Creek Canyon. Massive stone boulders and large trees adorn the trailside. The trail then follows Cedar Creek to 95-foot Cedar Falls, one of the tallest continuously flowing waterfalls in the state. This is a photographer's paradise. (Orange Blazes)

Length: 2 miles round trip
Approximate time for trail completion - 1 1/2 - 2 hours

Difficulty: Moderate - Strenuous

Trail Type:

Hiking Trail

For Information:
Park Superintendent, 1285 Petit Jean Mountain Road, Morrilton, AR, 72110, 501-727-5441

Trail Start
Trail begins behind Mather Lodge through the breezeway.

GPS Coordinates: 35.117073986710 -92.93882131576

Exit No. 108 off I-40 at Morrilton, 9 miles south on Hwy. 9, then 12 miles west on Hwy. 154

Cedar Falls Trail (National Recreation Trail)

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Trail Visitor Reviews

Cedar Falls Trail (National Recreation Trail)


By Jesse N on 11/15/2013

Comment: Wonderful trail, beautiful waterfall (especially if you go after it rains). Great scenery on the way and you'll arrive at the waterfall before you know it. Doesn't even feel like 2 miles worth of hiking.

By Isabelle Staggs on 8/23/2013

Comment: Cedar Falls Trail is a treat for your body, mind, and spirit. I first did this trail about 10 years ago. I was about 40ish and weighed roughly 75 lbs more than I do now. I used to wear the T-Shirt, “I survived the hike out.” Lately, I have been through a lot of emotional stress. I needed something special, just for my own spirit. I thought of Cedar Falls. I was apprehensive to do it because I am now 51 and by myself. I still had that memory of struggling up the hill when I was so much bigger. I made a plan. Yesterday, I laced up my Reeboks and made the drive from Hot Springs. I was so glad I did it. By the end of the trail, I felt renewed. I had made a new friend, experienced the beauty of the waterfall, and worked up a good sweat. I felt victorious. My newfound hiking buddy, a woman twenty years or so younger than I, had a hard time keeping up. She explained she had her own struggles with weight. We became a couple of cheerleaders for those we saw on the trail, struggling but not quitting. I felt like a part of something bigger than myself. That was just what I needed. I am just so thankful that we have such wonderful places still maintained for us here in Arkansas. We are truly blessed.

By Ralph Bunton on 12/18/2012

Comment: Cedar Falls is one of my most favorite places in the world to visit. I have taken some amazing pictures of the falls in every season. My favorite is one of the only times I can remember that the falls have frozen. It is an easy walk to the falls but always take caution. There is always possibility you could see snakes and other creatures as well as wildlife which may spook you if not prepared. Also the auto show it awesome as well as the grave site of petit jean which has a awesome view of the old Arkansas river channel.

By Kassandra Kearns on 9/18/2012

Comment: I hiked this yesterday with my 4 year old. It was a great day spent with the kiddo. I was worried it was a bit more then we should take on for our first mom/son solo hike, we usually have my husband along, but we did just fine. It was raining, had been for most of last few days, so the trail was pretty wet and slick in a few places but not insurmountable. We saw tiny brown frogs, beautiful orange tinted mushrooms, and the falls themselves were stunning. We had the whole trail to ourselves with the light rain coming down. We even had the falls all to ourselves so we sat and ate some nuts and enjoyed the views for a bit. We hiked back up and enjoyed lunch at the lodge.

By Connie Mcpeak on 7/24/2012

Comment: I tried to walk the trail down to the falls,but didn't make it all the way.A little over half way,I could see the falls from were I was at and hear that sweet sound of water flowing.It was beautiful,I thank everyone who made that possible,even nature it's self.

By Charlie Bullard on 9/19/2011

Comment: 9-18-11 While hiking down the mile and half staircase canyon trail to Cedar Falls I encountered very few people today and found myself alone for the rest of my hike! There was a light rain that dampened the ground and produced a pleasant odoriferous fragrance along the trail from the dirt, rocks, and trees, it opened up my lungs, mind, and senses and gave this hike a very special feeling, I went at a very ...slow pace for me absorbing everything I could. When I arrived at the falls the sound of the water landing on the pool below was very relaxing and spiritual as it echoed off the canyon walls. I sat in front of the falls meditating and taking it all in for at least 30 minutes all to myself, I am very thankful and grateful for times and experiences like these of true serenity! On my way back I quickened my pace and when I got back to where the stairs start out of the canyon I got my exercise fix on climbing the 200 or so stairs to the top in 12 minutes, it was a great cardio workout! If you have never hiked before I urge you to try this sometime, for me it is one of the most awesome of experiences I have ever had!

By Stuart on 7/20/2010

Comment: Just got off the trail. July 20, 2010. Hot. No wind. I needed more water. Actually, I had trouble keeping up with my young children as they were so excited. The CCC made the rocks into steps years ago - not perfect - but easy going down and up the trail. There are a few level spots and places to rest. I was hot, but most people we saw on the trail weren't sweating. The falls at the end were such a reward. They are so pretty and fall from such a great height. It was amazing. It was worth the walk and it wasn't snakey or scary, but remember - it isn't a sidewalk the entire trip.

By Reba on 7/14/2010

Comment: We almost didn't hike this trail since we had already hiked the Seven Hollows (a fairly long trail for the kids) Trail. However, I had seen the waterfall from the overlook and wanted to see it better. I love waterfalls. So after we had refreshed with a meal at Mather Lodge, we headed down. Going down wasn't too bad. :) It was a popular trail, there were a whole lot of people on it. Once we got past that steep part, the rest of the trail was just beautiful. The waterfalls are amazing. My children loved scrambling over the rocks to see it. Unfortunately to get OUT of the trail, you have to go back up that steep hill you came down. And it was strenuous. Very strenuous. As in a killer. But it was worth it.

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