Petit Jean Sate Park
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Bear Cave Trail

Hikers to Petit Jean discover the forces of nature that shaped the monolith rocks at Bear Cave.

Length: ¼ mile, ½ hour
Trailhead 1 mile west of Mather Lodge on Hwy 154
Trail Ends: Trail loops back to the beginning
Difficulty: Easy
Trail Blaze: Light Pink
Description: Visitors to Bear Cave can walk under, around, and through these gigantic rocks. Although there is no true cave, the huge rocks form a number of rock shelters and narrow passageways. Bear Cave was named when the last bear killed on Petit Jean Mountain met its end in this area. The cathedral of rock running down the center of the trail loop is believed to have been cut by Cedar Creek long ago. This passageway is called “The Eye of the Needle.” Wander through these fragile sandstone monoliths and imagine the tremendous forces of wind and water that caused what you see today.